Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday ~ May 17,2015

So here we are, standing on the brink of another season.  Time to make plans for other things.  This is the season of plots (garden, writing, relationships)~ O how it thickens as we turn a corner to summer when we get the chance to be out and about. 

I think I'm ready . . . 

Went to the Lilac Festival yesterday and met up with some good friends to watch the crowds and listen to music. We had a bite to eat at NAPA. I carried an umbrella to ward off rain, and it worked.

Today, I hope to go to a Red Wings game.  

I'm thrilled to announce that all of grading is done.  Woot-woot.  Although I just found out that I have a bit more assessment to do before the end of May. Always something.

Here's a recent release: Lyric essay "Deliverance" on Eunoia

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