Saturday, September 1, 2018

End of Summer . . . Let the Harvest begin . . .

Photo: Karen Iuppa

Suddenly, it's September.   I have been up since 4 a.m.  Putting by tomato sauce and getting ready for
the day of doing, this and that.  Labor Day weekend.  The crickets  are still pulsating beneath the open window.  I can smell the campfires from Hamlin State park. Summer is smouldering . . .

Brockport's Fall semester began this past week. St. John Fisher begins next week.  It's hard to believe that I am standing at this threshold.

A lot is happening . . . has happened.

Here's an update:

This is a link to the WAYO FM interview taped on 7/19/2018. Rochester poet Al Abonado is the host of this radio show that promotes local poets, poetics, and celebrates recent poetry books.  Al is a smart interviewer and close reader, and brings out the best in his guests.   This is my second appearance on his show.  I have had the good fortune to have a new poetry collection This Thirst released in December 2017(Kelsay Books).  Besides the direct link, you can listen to the archive of poetry interviews on the station's web site.  He is accruing a significant historical collection.  It's impressive and worth  every minute you tune in. 

In publishing news:

Thus far, the Sicily essays (3) and poems (8) have been accepted for publication:

Here are the recent links to published poems; essays will be forthcoming in September and November 2018:

Mediterranean Poetry

One Sentence Poems

So grateful to the editors who  have accepted this work.  I have more to write, but settling back in our daily life has made me  focus on what's happening around me.  This summer has been a waterfall of creativity. I am not sure where all of this energy is coming from, but it's a godsend. I am seeing things that I've overlooked.  Thank goodness for the 100 days of summer.