Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30, 2015: Red Rooster Chronicle

The Planting Season is in full swing. Yesterday, I planted the East garden: Burp-less cucumbers, pickles, acorn squash, buttercup and butternut squash, Pumpkins: Sugar babies (for pies), Cinderella, Casper, Bumpkins-- all veggies that sprawl on vines.  They have plenty of room.

In the North garden, we're nearly done. Still have a variety of Tomatoes, beets, peppers, celery, anise, carrots, eggplant to plant.  This garden is 3/4 done.  

South garden has a ton of garlic, many varieties, onions, many varieties, potatoes, many varieties, and peas.  this garden is planted.

The orchard is loaded with fruit.  The bees were very busy!

We need rain.  Hopefully, today we will get what the forecast has promise. 


During the week, I met up with some of my favorite local poets for our monthly "Word Happening."  We gather in a cafe for breakfast.
Someone is the appointed the leader and presents a worksheet with four prompts.  During the session, we write two; then take the other two home. I was so glad to be there.  The prompts were and still are a gold mine.

I wrote two poems from one prompt. I have some other ideas for poems percolating and hope to work on them today. Several of the poets in this group are also visual artists and we talked a bit about a collaging technique I learned in April. My cohorts seemed interested in trying these techniques out, so I think I will try to organize a day where we can do this.


I'm still getting organized around what to do this summer. I've been daydreaming a bit. I think about writing when I'm working in the gardens.  Ideas float once I've established my rhythm and a new routine takes hold.



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