Friday, December 21, 2018

Dish Garden  called "Scopello"  created by M.J.Iuppa in June 2018. Photo by Meghan Tonery

Dreaming of a small villa on the terraced hillside of Scopello . . .

It's merely days before Christmas, 2018.  My two youngest children celebrate their birthdays this week: Meghan Rose on 12/18 and Nick on 12/21 (today!)

I had robotic gyn surgery on 12/17, and even though it was a radical procedure, I am doing well.  They give this a recovery of 1-2 weeks; yet, by yesterday, I  am feeling better and better. I actually went out and did a bit of xmas shopping with Peter and then we decided to grab some dinner. It was so much fun to be out and about.  I am pain free now too.  The miracle of modern medicine. What would normally be 6-8 weeks if it had been a laparotomy is now an eye blink of recovery time.   So grateful for my good care and results. It's been quite an adventure since August, when  I was thrown into uncharted territories. Every week has tested my ability to handle the challenges I was (still am, but not much longer) facing.  I have had good care from family to friends to all (medical professionals) who have guided me thus far.  For the past three days, I have been both retrospective and introspective about what has transpired from end of August until now. I have been doing everything to keep my life as normal as possible.  I have not played the I'm not well card at all.  Whenever anyone asked me for help, I was there for them, and vice versa.  It has been salvation.

So here we are and it's nearly Christmas.  Wishing everyone peace, sending everyone love.