Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30, 2015: Red Rooster Chronicle

The Planting Season is in full swing. Yesterday, I planted the East garden: Burp-less cucumbers, pickles, acorn squash, buttercup and butternut squash, Pumpkins: Sugar babies (for pies), Cinderella, Casper, Bumpkins-- all veggies that sprawl on vines.  They have plenty of room.

In the North garden, we're nearly done. Still have a variety of Tomatoes, beets, peppers, celery, anise, carrots, eggplant to plant.  This garden is 3/4 done.  

South garden has a ton of garlic, many varieties, onions, many varieties, potatoes, many varieties, and peas.  this garden is planted.

The orchard is loaded with fruit.  The bees were very busy!

We need rain.  Hopefully, today we will get what the forecast has promise. 


During the week, I met up with some of my favorite local poets for our monthly "Word Happening."  We gather in a cafe for breakfast.
Someone is the appointed the leader and presents a worksheet with four prompts.  During the session, we write two; then take the other two home. I was so glad to be there.  The prompts were and still are a gold mine.

I wrote two poems from one prompt. I have some other ideas for poems percolating and hope to work on them today. Several of the poets in this group are also visual artists and we talked a bit about a collaging technique I learned in April. My cohorts seemed interested in trying these techniques out, so I think I will try to organize a day where we can do this.


I'm still getting organized around what to do this summer. I've been daydreaming a bit. I think about writing when I'm working in the gardens.  Ideas float once I've established my rhythm and a new routine takes hold.



Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday ~ May 17,2015

So here we are, standing on the brink of another season.  Time to make plans for other things.  This is the season of plots (garden, writing, relationships)~ O how it thickens as we turn a corner to summer when we get the chance to be out and about. 

I think I'm ready . . . 

Went to the Lilac Festival yesterday and met up with some good friends to watch the crowds and listen to music. We had a bite to eat at NAPA. I carried an umbrella to ward off rain, and it worked.

Today, I hope to go to a Red Wings game.  

I'm thrilled to announce that all of grading is done.  Woot-woot.  Although I just found out that I have a bit more assessment to do before the end of May. Always something.

Here's a recent release: Lyric essay "Deliverance" on Eunoia

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day !

Photo: K.Iuppa Spring 2015: Lake Ontario

Woke early this morning.  The air is so soft. It rained last night. I listened to the rain rushing in the gutters.  Believe it or not, we need rain.  I guess this is true for most of the United States.  I'm wondering if we're going to have a hot, dry summer, or  something close to the glorious summer of 2012.  I'm hoping that will be the case.

We gearing up on the farm.  Getting our gardens ready for planting.  Maybe this year will be the year I manage to tame the unruly flower gardens.  We'll see. I always start off well but the vegetable gardens are so demanding.  I need  to be two people, or have longer days, or both!

So much to do.  Always.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day Before Mother's Day

A month has passed since my last post. The end of the semester's undercurrent  pulled (in all directions) with such a force that it took all of me to keep balance.  I kept up with all of the work, teaching five college courses, plus internships and  independent study and directing a program, and teaching several residencies in schools, PDs; some of which will be happening in the next two weeks.  The work has been so satisfying that instead of feeling blown over, I'm energized by it.

This week, I will finish grading my two courses at SUNY Brockport and the Spring 2015 semester will be officially over.  I have been blessed in so many ways.  My Dad once told me to find work that doesn't feel like work; and even though there is A LOT of work in writing classes, I am intrigued by my students discoveries of their writer's craft, their art, their ability to think critically, and astutely.This year I had so many students who embraced their education, their art, and because of that I am so proud of them.

Yesterday (5/8/2015)  I went to the Senior Awards Ceremony at St. John Fisher College.  I go every year  because this event is a big deal and it's a thrill to see our students and their parents-- all beaming in the flash of photos.  This year, I think I ,taught over 20 of the award winners, which means I meet a lot students over the course of their 4 years at Fisher, from all majors and minors. With each name, I sat up on my fold out chair and clapped. Oh my!  What a thrill knowing I was a part of their success, that I actually had the opportunity to know them in my classes. 

Today, they graduate,and their brilliant career awaits.


Since my last post, the beginning of National Poetry Month, I participated in the 30X30 and managed to write 26 poems.  Some of the prompts were difficult, and I'm still trying to find a way in. The end of the semester, especially the last two weeks is so busy with events, presentations, and  grading. I fell a bit behind in my challenge.

But now, it's quiet and the weather is gentle and warm, and I'm adrift in the slower pace.  Time to think.


What should I do this summer?  I think we're going to have a summer like 2012, which was fabulous for tomatoes.  We live for fresh tomatoes. So we're in for another year of gardens and putting by.

But what to do in my creative life?  Oh, I just don't know . . .I need to finish some projects. I want to do some drawings. I have to write a bunch of reviews (pronto).  I want to travel a bit.  I want to swim and soak up the sun. I want to hang out with Carmelita and Charlie (our cats) and read for pleasure..  I want to take long walks, and bicycle here and there, and canoe, and thrift shop.

Two days ago, my son George sent me a package of chocolate covered strawberries from Sherri's Berries.
We opened the bag and immediately put them in the fridge. Smelled gorgeous. The packaging said to eat in 48 hours.  So today is the day!  I wish my mom were here to enjoy these.  She loved chocolate covered strawberries.

Happy Mother's Day!!!