Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Happy New Year!


Publication in 2021



“Dwelling, Here” Amethyst Review, January, 2021

“Captivity” Front Porch Review, January, 2021

“Surviving the Fog” The Trouvaille Review, January, 2021

“Left Behind” Bluepepper, February, 2021

“Another Premonition” and “The Elements of Winter” Red Eft Review, February, 2021

“I Have Things to Tell You,” “Every Word,” and “A Growing Compulsion”

Dreich 5, UK, March, 2021

“Zoom Hour” Global Poemic, March, 2021

“Lullaby,” “Casting” “Clear sky” (cinquain) The Bamboo Hut, 2021.

“Surviving the Fog” The Pangolin Review, (reprint) April, 2021

“This is Salvation” Front Porch Review, April 2021

“Plans” Autumn Sky Daily, April 2021

“Barely Morning” Third Wednesday, May 2021

“Today’s Sympathy” Here: a poetry journal, 2021

"Forgetting Everything in the Rush to Get There" The Rail, May, 2021

“Walking in Fog” The Trouvaille Review, May, 2021

“Sinking into the Depths of Noon” One Art Poetry, May 2021

“Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon” Red Eft Review, June 2021

“Almost, Time” Red Eft Review, June, 2021

“Safekeeping” Le Mot Juste Anthology, 2021

“On the Brink of Tomorrow” The Amethyst Review, June 2021

“Looking for the Future” Fireflies’ Light, July, 2021

“Hauling Water” The Trouvaille Review, August, 2021

“Shadow and Bough” Amethyst Review, August, 2021

“In Need of Company” Eunoia Review, September 2021

“Expectations” Amethyst Review, October, 2021

“The Cold Insult of So Much Rain” Right Hand Pointing, October, 2021

“Passing By” The Trouvaille Review, October, 2021

“True Enough” and “The Wind” Red Eft Review, November-December 2021

“One Breath, One Wish,” “Gratitude,” and “Seeking Shelter” SOFTBLOW, December, 2021

“Blue Circling to Yellow” Eunoia Review, January 2022

 2 cheritas (morning & darkness outside) the cherita (UK), 2/2022 and 3/2022

“A Little Space” Eunoia Review, April, 2022

1 cherita (the farmhouse stands) the cherita UK, 6/2022




“White Noise” Milk Candy Review, Winter, 2021

“Up in Arms” and “Yew (You)” Otoliths, Winter, 2021

“Everyday Life” PIF Magazine, February, 2021

“She Would Be Worried” A Story in 100 Words, February, 2021

“Holding, Still” The Dribble Drabble Review, March, 2021

“Early Bird Special” A Story in 100 Words, April, 2021

“Heart(break) The Drabble, April, 2021

“Headlines” City. River. Tree. 2021

“Loose Thread” Eunoia Review, May, 2021

“Spending Time Alone” A Story in 100 Words, June, 2021

“Double Take” Eunoia Review, August, 2021

“Everything Will Be Perfect” A Story in 100 Words, September, 2021

“Cracks in the Night Clouds” Eunoia Review, November, 2021

 “Crazy” A Story in 100 Words, November, 2021



CNF Essays:

“Another Dark Place” Eunoia Review, February, 2021

“In a Silent Way” Otoliths, May, 2021

“This is What I Found” Turtle Island Quarterly, August, 2021

“When the Unexpected Fails You” Otoliths, August, 2021

“Seeking Transcendence” Ovunque Siamo, November, 2021





“Nearly, Magnolia” “Masked” Anthology, Black Dog & One-Eyed Press,

  Nova Scotia, Canada, 2021

“Another Dark Place” Tiny Seed Literary Journal Anthology: Forest, September 2021

“There and Not There” Voices Israel Anthology, Israel, 2021

“I Saw You Crying in Church” Around the World: Landscapes and Cityscapes,

  Sweetycat Press, November, 2021


Books, chapbooks

The Weight of Air, full length poetry collection. Kelsay Books, 2022

Rock. Paper. Scissors., chapbook of 24 100-word stories, Foothills Publishing, 2022


Nominations & Awards

Best Microfiction 2022 nomination from Milk Candy Review for “White Noise” published in January, 2021