Friday, April 18, 2014

Prompt # 30: Not Wanting

Write a list poem about all the things you do not want. 
Allow the list to travel, from the ordinary to the sublime.
Write one thing that you want to end the poem.

Prompt#29: Something old, new, borrowed, blue.

Write the poem that includes: something old, new, borrowed, blue.  Poem cannot be about marriage unless it's a Chagall marriage.

Prompt#28: Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Talk no Evil.

How does one dispel negativity?  Write this poem as an evocation.
Begin each line with the word: Let

Prompt #27: Go for a Walk

Go for a walk.  Pick up three things while your are out.  It could be a shell, or stone or feather, or
fallen bird nest, or wild flower. Or  it could be a walk in town and you pick up a map, a menu, a travel brochure.

Write your poem. Think of where you are and where your found objects have been.  Their age? Their endurance?  Their mystery?  And you?  What about you?

Prompt #26: Chores

Compare a domestic activity to a particular emotion.

Such as washing dishes to mercy, or vacuuming to boredom.

This will be an extended metaphor poem.

Brainstorm all the characteristics of the chore.  Think of good and not-so-good characteristics. Everything has good and not-so-good characteristics.  You want both because without both the poem will be lopsided.

Write your poem, either free verse or in a form of your choice.

Prompt #25: Hidden words

Make a list words that contains other words.

Example: Sparrows    has arrows.   Turn   has urn.     Core    has Ore.

Make a list and write a poem using your favorite ones.

Prompt #24: Small World Poem

Here are your categories: Under each category, write your first response:
Here's my example.

Bird                       Flower                   Color           Emotion        Action verb
Sparrow                  Lilacs                     Yellow            Joy                 Switch

Using these words and any other so your poem makes sense, write a small world poem.
No longer than six lines.