Wednesday, June 8, 2022

June 2022: 100 Days of Healing

Planting Garden (50x50) Summer 2022

 Garden Update:  Thus far, I've planted  sunburst and sweet 100s cherry tomatoes; Ancho peppers, Marigolds and Italian eggplants in complimentary growing; marigolds keep those pesky tiny beetles from eating the eggplant leaves to lace.Sweet bell peppers, red, orange, yellow, green; beets red, orange and candy cane; carrots: Little fingers and Sci-Fi blend, and yellow squash.

A lot more to plant, and I will move along at my daydreaming speed until the whole garden is complete.  I have hopes that this year will be a perfect growing season.


Writing update:  Since the end of the semester, I have been trying to settle myself  into a routine of reading and writing and creating. Last night, I attended poet Michael Czarnecki's weekly poetry sessions.  This session, Michael read a selection of his spontaneous poems and the opening of his lyrical memoir; then opened the reading to an open mic.  The poets and friends who attend these weekly sessions are some of my favorite people. Their poetry is stunning: lyrical narratives that embrace, history, mythology, identity, travel, cultures . . . I get goosebumps listening to each and every one.

I am so grateful to this community.

Since end of May, I have been writing every day.  Have a fistful of poems now, a few 100 word stories, too. I think beginning each day with the intent to accomplish: gardening, writing, drawing, walking, daydreaming will restore my soul that has been banged up in the last 100 days.  

Last night, Michael Czarnecki explained  his 3-sided (pyramid) POV.  One side is the natural world (inspiration); 2nd side is creating, and 3rd side is people.  He feels that this approach has allowed him to be his true self.

 Down the Rabbit Hole:  I  have been watching (binge watching) the following shows: 3rd season of Barry (HBO/MAX), and The Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix). The Anatomy has been haunting me.  It has trigger topics (rape, infidelity, fraternity,  and so on). It has made me very thoughtful.

Currently reading  American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins.