Saturday, April 4, 2015

Last Day of Lent

My last post was in February . . .What happened? A lot happened.  Winter continued to fuss & fuss & fuss and an on-going grading marathon, which continues today.

I am doing the 30X30 Poetry Challenge in celebration of National Poetry Month, and so far I have been successful. Some days, I wrote more than one poem.

Here are the poem titles (thus far):

"Promise of Spring"4/1/2015
"Strange Looks" (prose poem)4/2/2015
"Wheel of Fortune" (tarot card, not TV show)4/2/2015
"Sundial" 4/1/2015
"Wishful Thinking" 4/3/2015
"What You Left Behind" 4/3/2015
"Last Day of Lent"4/4/2015
"Standing on Top of a Skyscraper about to Scream" 4/2/2015
 "Impatience" 4/1/2015

 This challenge is always difficult because April is the month in the semester that gallops to the finish line.
So far, so good.

Recent  publishing news:
The Clementine Poetry Journal Prose Poem

In Flight Literary Magazine Prose poem and haibun

Black Poppy Review Flash fiction

My third full length collection: Small Worlds Floating was accepted by Cherry Grove Collections and will be released August, 2016.

The past two days we have had warm weather.  It's made us giddy.We're planning our gardens now.  Making our list to purchase new chicks, ducklings, turkeys. I'm so looking forward to the new season of growth.

I hope Summer 2015 will match the weather of Summer 2012.  Sun turn up the heat!