Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Answer to Where I've Been

Photo: K Iuppa
Tomatoes, early August 2015.

It's hard to believe that I've managed to put by over 70 quarts of tomato sauce since early August.  I'm grateful, no giddy, that there isn't a bushel waiting on the porch to be processed.  My last post marks the beginning of the putting by season, and not a word from me in those seven weeks. Every day at the stove, like a witch I stirred the pot. Hucka-Pucka! 
 My dining room table  has a dramatic line up of jars of all sizes and tomato sauces for every mood. We will be in great shape this winter, but I confess I'm having sensory fatigue, even as I ooh and ahh over the last batches of roasted tomatoes. I want to be away from this constant cooking, so I can come back to it with fresh tastebuds.  Still, I can't believe how blessed we were this year. The garden did well by us.  I like counting the jars.  It makes me feel rich.

Now with this sudden release from kitchen duty, I'm able to poke around  a bit, which has made me so happy. Yesterday, I went out to the pumpkin & squash gardens and picked what was there.  Then, took a look at our apple trees, heavy with fruit.  Soon we will turn our attention to bringing in the apples.

In the next five weeks, the landscape will change drastically.  I think our area is several weeks behind  what is to be expected.  That is, I bought peaches and sweet corn yesterday, and we all know that  the season for peaches and sweet corn should be completely over.  Gosh, I'm so glad it's not. The sweet corn we had for dinner last night was simply heaven.

Now to enjoy the next five weeks, my mind is open to the oncoming change.

 Wishing everyone, the best of autumn.