Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Summer happened in CoVID -19 2020.

Glorious Peas!  Our gardens were exceptional this year.  A bounty of fruits and veggies. Spent hours upon hours in the gardens, weeding, waiting . . .

This is a turkey egg.

North garden was the Irish dream. Lavender, white and golden potatoes.  Big harvest this year.

All photos: MRTonery, 2020

A lot Has Happened Since June. Time to Reboot.


Photo: MRTonery, 2020

Publications for 2020: 85 in total


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Truɘ Enough, by J.R. Solonche (Dos Madres, 2019) The Lake, 2020



"Clotheslines" CNF essay (reprinted) in Stone Gathering, Summer 2020

“No One Owns the Clouds” poem (reprinted) in Lummox Anthology, Summer, 2020

“Help me Find myself” and “Living Alone in Covid-19 Times” 

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Anniversary issue of Grey Sparrow, “To the Small Child Holding a Balloon” (poem), 2020



Wigleaf The Top 50 Very Short Fiction 2020, and Long List stories:

Iuppa, M.J., "She Can't Settle Down," Milk Candy, (December 12, 2019)