Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mid-October, Glorious Weekend

Photo by K.Iuppa, Fall 2013

This is a 3 day weekend, beginning with Friday.  Went to my two year eye exam.  My eyesight has improved!  Time for new glasses.  Peter had his eye exam earlier in the week, so we're both shopping.  I haven't bought new glasses in ages, and they are so, so expensive.  I was stunned.  We spent quite a few hours today pricing out glasses. This experience is close to buying a new car, with circles and arrows and wheedling and dealing on the price.
We're still shopping. . .

Came home and I spent approximately three hours putting up carrots.  Tomorrow, we're going to pull  our potatoes. We're nearly done with the gardens.  Still have kale and collard greens to harvest.  No frost yet, but the night's are getting cooler.  I'm going to put up applesauce tomorrow too.
There is so much to do.  . . .

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