Sunday, October 27, 2013

Apple Picking Time!

Photo George D. Marron

This is our guard turkey.  She was watching us pick apples in the orchard yesterday.   Notice the suspicion in her eye.She's eyeing us up, who are those people, what are they doing by my trees, with my fruit? When we turned our backs, she'd charge after us.

Yesterday, My son George and his adorable children came out to the farm. It was a great time.  We picked a lot of apples: Romes, Paula Reds, Winter Banana, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Cortland, Northern Spy.  My Grandson Jack  is an exceptional worker.  We both stayed out and kept picking the Romes (pink applesauce!). It was a cold, blustery day. Jack was using the ladder and able to get a lot of the Winter Bananas, which I am so happy about.  They look gorgeous.Then we headed inside where the rest of the crew was making pizza. We ate and drank cider and Brigid and Little George loved up  our cats, Carmelita and Charlie (The cats were in heaven!).

We picked a lot of remaining veggies in our garden.  (Garden is nearly all picked, but there are still some hearty veggies still growing). Because we so close to the lake we haven't had a hard frost yet. (Thankfully).

So George's van was packed with 2 boxes of apples, brussel sprouts, fennel, beets, kale, collards, red cabbage,  cauliflower, peppers (green and hot) for Brian who loves to make salsa, and he makes a great salsa, tomatoes,(mostly yellow large sized cherries), and then we stuffed the children in! The apples are delicious and we have an exceptional apple parer and corer.  The kids kept eating apples all afternoon, peeling and eating the accordion-sliced  apple, one slice after another. So sweet!

Fall is the best time of year!


Let's see, update on my challenge of 31X31.  I think I have written 20 poems.  A bit behind.
But still grateful for accomplishing this.

Re/verse published my poem "Pumpernickel,"which was originally published in Tar River Review.

Poems recently accepted and forthcoming in: Tar River Poetry, When Women Waken, Avocet, Northern Cardinal Review, Poetry Haiku (UK), First Literary Review-East, In Glided Frame (anthology;
Flash Fiction World Contest (UK).



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