Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 X 30, Is it possible?

Long ago, maybe 30 years ago in July, a fleet of Tall ships visited the port of Rochester. I remember getting up early, just before the rising sun, and watching the horizon with my mom from our lakefront deck. It was breath-taking, the slow ascent of the sails cresting over the rim-- the pink sunlight glazing the water. So vivid in my memory, and our silence, watching the ships, come one after the other. . . .

Now we're approaching April, many hoping to take up the challenge of 30 poems in 30 days. Will our imagination thaw out? It's been such a cold winter. I'm aching for Spring. Last week, 3/23, we had a terrible snowstorm. Now everything has melted once again . . .the ducks are enjoying the Olympic puddles. Our two remaining ducks are starting to nest. Hopefully, they'll get it right and we'll have ducklings in a month or so. Peter has set a "Have A Heart" trap to deter the marauding interlopers. (One of them has killed three of our ducks.)
He has caught: 2 skunk, an orange teen-cat, and a raccoon. He drove the raccoon to the park and set it free beyond Devil's Nose. Because he crossed a park barricade, he was given a ticket by a young officer. This story is going to end up like Alice's Restaurant. Peter has to appear
before a Judge in a week or so ( insert sound bite of Law & Order here). It's going to be: He said, he did-- he said he did-- all because the raccoon was a good-looking animal. The next day the barricade to that part of the park was removed. I guess timing is everything. I hope the Judge will spare Peter.

We may have more snow this weekend. Really, is that so? Winter just won't shake loose.

I hope there's a change of heart by Friday.

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