Saturday, April 9, 2011

RCP's Irish Players. Dublin Carol and Bedtime Story Directed by Jean Ryon

The Irish Players, a program of the Rochester Community Players, will be staging two productions this spring, a full-length play and a 'curtain warmer' one-act. The full length play is Dublin Carol by Conor McPherson, a three character play. This is a 90 minute play with no intermission. The play will be performed at MuCCC April 1 thru 16, 2011. This production will also be staged at the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 20, 2011.

Preceding each performance of Dublin Carol at MuCCC will be a one-act curtain warmer, Bedtime Story by Sean O'Casey.

Cast list; Bedtime Story

John Jo Mulligan: Jamal Abdunnasir
Angela Nightingale: Stacy Homola
Halibut: Andy Cowen
Miss Mossie: Linda Loy
Policeman: John Jaeger
Nurse: Laura Smith
Doctor: TBA

Dublin Carol:

John: John Jaeger
Mary: Laura Smith
Mark: Jamal Abdunnasir

Dublin Carol Synopsis, from Wikipedia: John, a middle-aged employee of a funeral home in Dublin, returns from a funeral on Christmas Eve with Mark, a 20-year-old who has helped out that day and to whom John tells his sad history about how he has destroyed much of his life and damaged his family, through drink. Mary, John's grown daughter, who hasn't seen her father in 10 years, arrives to tell him that her mother, his long-estranged wife, is dying.

Bedtime Story Synopsis: A respectable Catholic bachelor invites a fun-time girl back to his room in a Dublin boarding house. Terrified that his land lady and a fellow lodger may discover his indiscretion, he tries to get the girl quietly out of the house in the middle of the night. Things go horribly wrong. This play was quite the scandal when written in 1951.

I'm going to see these plays tonight. Jean Ryon's direction never disappoints. Looking forward to seeing these plays!

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