Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's share a cup of something . . .

A million ( no exaggeration) thing are swirling around right now . . .

It's time to embrace chaos. Much like the weather-- anything can happen, and it does.

Some thoughts on Ben Krause's invention, the poetic form: quincouplet.

It's a couplet with a limit of five words.

1st line: two words.
2nd line: three words.

May have a one word title, but can't be the first word of your poem.

Ben has an journal called Twenty20 Journal. All the forms, quincouplet, ha(nay)ku,
cinquain as well as free verse and fictions have to be 20 words or under. Even the bio is 20 words or less.

When I first encountered this journal, I found Nancy Devine's poem "Planchette," which is in the first winter 2010-11 issue, if you want to check it out. It's a clever poem.
Thanks, Nancy for hooking me in.

I'm intrigued by minimal-imagistic forms. I like the challenge.

Like cinquain, the quincouplet is addictive. The best seem to have it all-- head, heart, spirit-- they truly resonant and have a lasting effect.

Also, a longer poem could be created, using linked quincouplets, which lets the poem travel a bit.

Another site: Three Line Poetry wants free verse, haiku, senryu-- it HAS to be a tercet, so don't even try to add another line!


On Thursday 3/24 at St. John Fisher, we had an amazing reading/ poetry collaboration by poet E. Louise Beach and composer Jennifer Bellor called Ophelia's Flowers.

This event was a premiere performance for the Eastman School of Music's Women in Music Festival, which is a remarkable showcase, which has occurred every March for the last five years (?) maybe a bit longer. Sylvie Beaudette, an extraordinary musician, professor, life force, organizes this festival and she does it effortlessly.

Louise wrote the Libretto and Jennifer set the poems to music And sang the libretto. The way this collaboration came about was a tremendous gift. My friend and fellow poet Claudia Stanek saw Louise's call for a musical collaboration in her Bennington Alumni News. Both are MFA grads. Claudia reached out to Louise and arranged the collaboration with Jennifer. No doubt, Sylvie was a part of this too. This kindness just thrills me. It's the real stuff, the power of creating-- and Claudia was instrumental in all of this. It's truly a selfless, generous act. It's what women are suppose to do for other women. We're suppose to help each other. Hence, the point of The Women in Music Festival. It's bring attention to all these fabulous women composers, musicians, poets.


Finished (truly finished) organizing my 3rd book. I began this work in 7/2010.
This book has three sections, instead of four. I have a title too, which is a huge relief. I'm pleased with it.

Well, this cup is drained and I have to get back to the day in progress.

Be well, Blog travelers.

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