Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting closer . . .

Poem a day update:


"Apricot Tree"

"This Forgotten Hour"

Finished 2 characters/2 pages play "Lost Track of Time." This has gone through a lot of revisions. Working on the longer play every morning. It's coming along.

Bad news/good news:

Toodles, our wise-guy cat, that came to us, like a pirate, hence the Peter Pan name, has some sort of accident Sunday night or Monday morning, and dragged himself from wherever he was to
hide under the porch. We took him to the Vets , and the good news, he has a broken pelvis, which doesn't require surgery or a cast, but 6 weeks of R&R. Can I keep a pirate cat quiet for six weeks? We'll see. But so far, so good. I really like this cat. So glad he will heal up and be right again. I'm sure he has lost several of his nine lives.

Finished a residency yesterday. We had a "working" party, and the hour flew by. For those who want to know the snack: juice boxes and Teddy Grahams, individual packs, variety of honey, chocolate and cinnamon-- a big hit! A lot of talent among those third graders. I had a lot of fun with this class.

Now I have to put together several anthologies. Once that's complete, I'm done for the school year. Time to read, paint, garden (weeding now till September), write.

More later . . .

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