Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not Yet . . .

Upon waking, coffee sweetened with a splash of milk and sunlight, so bright. It will be warm again today. It was so hot working in the garden yesterday. I was planning my funeral among the gladioli spears. Small competition with Peter to work hard and harder. We're going to sweat into the shape of our former selves. I'm hoping for a miracle. I know I won't win, because men trim up faster than women. It's so annoying, but I'm on track. By 4th of July, I will be a sparkler. O brief sputter and fizz!

Good News Flash:
Soon, one of my former students, will be celebrating the publication of her first novel.
Congratulations, Allie Larkin! Can't wait to read Stay this summer. June 1st is the release date.
Check it out.

Other Good News:

We replaced the forty-year-old goldenrod dishwasher, which we only used as a drying rack, because we were on well water for years. I think this actually taught our children how to wash dishes. Now we have a white Whirlpool, and in the past three, maybe four years? public water.
So we could put this new appliance to work.

Garden Offerings:

Fresh asparagus. Yum.

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