Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Tidbits

Poem a day title update:

"Keeping an Eye on Things"


Yesterday dropped copies of Within Reach off at Lift Bridge Books. Bought a new academic planner, and it was on sale. My lucky day. Met Sarah's new baby Gemma at the store. So adorable. Both look well.


Went to a Red Wings ball game last night. The Wings had scoring spurt and I really thought they were going to tie the game. Alas, it ended 5-4, and at that very moment, big fat raindrops started to fall. Big crowds at both stadiums last night. I would really like to see a soccer game. I've tried to get tickets in the past, but wasn't ever successful. Maybe this year.


Scheduling readings and workshops at colleges this fall. Three college classes will be adopting Within Reach for the Fall semester. Thank you!

Thanks to all who have bought copies of Within Reach too.


Today I'm at the George Eastman House at a workshop meeting; then, off to a retirement party.

Time to begin this busy day . . .

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