Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Poem a Day Title Update:


"The Nature of Change" (poem took two weeks to write)

Saw Pirate Radio last night. Movies at home work especially well these days because we're
doing so much work during the day. The veggie gardens are nearly all planted, and the weeding has begun. It never ends.

This movie is fun to watch. Actually, silly and easy-going, and the music is fabulous. So if you want light entertain on a warm summer night, consider this as a rental.

I posted a trailer below.

Have to work in the gardens today. Want to take a bike ride first though. Hopefully we'll get a canoe ride in too.

My son Nick is coming back from the Outer banks today. He and his friends have gone to this same spot for three years now, maybe four? There are wild horses on the beach. I wish I could
be there to see the horses. Not necessary spend a vacation with this group, even though they're all wonderful people-- their conversations throw me-- it's like a Mamet play. All those layers of fast paced words. Nonetheless, they have a blast, swimming in the ocean, skin-boarding, cooking meals for the whole gang. Several of his friends graduated this semester. Nick has one more semester to go, then on with his life and wherever it may take him.

I'm wondering about the future too. Here we are standing at the edge of another summer.
I have my calendar ready to pencil in plans. I'm terrible at planning recreation, but I'm going
to make an effort to figure it out. I'm going to make lists of all the free events -- and start there.

Hope your holiday weekend(think love, not war) is relaxing. Back to work, then play!

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