Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Honey

We bought some raw honey at the Public Market on Thursday. It's called Summer Honey and its taste is exquisite. It was quite cool here last night, much like September, and I made a cup of tea with a generous dollop of Summer Honey. Its fragrance and taste is so sweet, but not cloying sweet with aftertaste. It's fresh and alive. Makes me rethink honey. I looked up the process of raw honey and also found explanation of its medicinal properties.

Its slogan: Honey I love You makes me smile every time I read it.

We're going to the Memorial Art Gallery today and then out to dinner to celebrate Peter's birthday. At the gallery we're going to set the Finger Lakes Show, which is a regional artists showcase. The restaurant is called One. This will be an adventure.

Have been preparing for my upcoming classes. So far, so good. The Encounters class is shaping up nicely. I see some themes taking hold in the scheduled art events.

Back to the day at hand.

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