Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Days of August Continued

Quiet Sunday morning. . .

We had a wonderful late afternoon dinner and early evening movie. Plans changed because I accompanied Meghan to the Mall to purchase new eyeglasses. We were there for a very long time and she tried on many frames and the decision was keen because she looked beautiful in at least five different pairs. I like the frames she settled on. Then we had to walk about for an hour until the glasses were ready to go. Consequently we didn't make it home in enough time to go to the gallery. So we made new plans. Went to Tavern 58 on Gibbs Street and an early evening movie In the Loop at the Little Theatre. The movie is political fast-talking ( a bit like Wag the Dog) but this is UK and USA. Mimi Kennedy (formerly from Rochester, you will recognize her as the mother on the TV sitcom Dharma and Greg, was wonderful-- I hope this movie gives her a lot of attention, and James Galdolfini (Tony Soprano) was hilarious. Many lines from this script will be quoted in conversations around the water cooler. I need to see/hear it again. Very witty. We had a great audience. They were laughing constantly. That too means I have to see/hear it again. I miss lines when people are laughing.

Dinner was yum and we had a lot of fun with our waiter. He was in a lot of our conversation.
He's a near graduate of Eastman School of Music. He plays the trombone. I asked the waiters if they were attending the Eastman and they were stunned by my question. How did you know?
But you can tell musicians. They have a swagger and carry music in their bodies. I think musician have a keen sense of what is and isn't fluid. Charming. Interesting too the Tavern was playing a lot of Woodstock music, which led to a conversation about Woodstock. We were there so early we had the restaurant to ourselves. It was a lovely and easy-going meal. Happy Birthday Peter.
Maybe we'll go to the Gallery today.
There is a feature in P&W called Bullseye. How to submit to Tin House.
In the article, there are answers to three questions. I was amused by what they didn't want.
Cicadas. Whereas some other Pacific NW magazines may say Herons. Or another region may say Whales. You see my point. Raspberries could be a repeat fruit, or Apples for that matter. They say the frequency smacks of device which makes readers "aware" of what they're reading rather than being in the experience of the poem. Oh, it's anothercicadaheronwhaleraspberryapple poem. Keep Ezra in mind and "Make it new" ; so close to Tim Gunn's "Make it work." This is another authenticity vs artifice question.
My proposal to Winter Wheat, November 12-14, 2009, Bowling Green, Ohio was accepted.
Looking forward to this writers conference.

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