Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bully Alert

How do you define control? When do you resist control? Is it true that people do not like to be told what to do? But, there is always someone telling someone to do something. How is it that people who fear the most are the biggest bullies? They are righteous and indignant and know how to blind side you when you least expect it.

Bullies. perverse. The ones who, without any concern, would dismember a daddy long legs and let the body button spin little tornadoes in the august dirt, and wait out the loud protest of what are you doing, you're so sick until voices were hoarse. But it didn't matter. They never flinched. They would square off and occupy and curl their lips into SHUT UP and spit, stopping the buttons dead.

Bullies aren't afraid to be alone because the voice in their heads is enough. It must be exhausting.

When you go up against a bully, you will most likely lose everything. The bully is cagey and knows how to bait a situation so it looks like you stirred the pot. So if you want to stop a bully you need to expose the bully so he/she is standing in his/her own juice. Stay alert.

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