Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

The wedding in the park was lovely. I really like the bride and groom, and they were so happy. It was intimate and relaxed and perfect. They gave spruce tree saplings as their wedding favor. We're to plant them in honor of loved ones who have passed. I thought that was a wonderful gesture and spruces are beautiful trees. The drive was closer to 2 hours away. Letchworth's waterfall and gorges are just stunning. Glacier made, yet not "carved" by the glacier. The land like the Grand Canyon is pushing upward, which is fascinating. I loved watching the water tumbling and mist rising. Many hawks soaring in wide loops over the gorges. I would like to go back in the Fall when the leaves are turning. There's a bed and breakfast inn there. Something to think about.

Spent some time weeding today. Several rain showers passed through. Caught the bunny twice Now nicknamed Bundini. He looks so miffed when I put him back in the pen. He'd rather hang with the five hens.

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