Monday, August 10, 2009

Alone in the farmhouse

The sun is shining after many linked rainstorms last night. A lot of thunder and lightning. Now it's quiet. I'm drinking coffee. Had a bowl of exceptional fresh sliced peaches. Eating the sun, the best part of summer. Everything is so green and lush. It feels like early June. Heard cicadas yesterday and it startled me. Hardly warm enough for their simmering sound. Although it was very muggy. Nothing looks right. The grass should be yellowed and patchy and dry by now. The chicory isn't tough like barbed wire. Flowers, that should be done, continue to bloom. Saw mums, burgundy and gold, waiting to be sold. I pointed them out to Peter, and said Look and he said, What?, and I said Mums, and he said, Would you like some? And I said, Not yet. It just doesn't seem right. He said, Yeah, I know. They say (weather casters) that the hurricane season won't be as threatening this year, which I hope is true for the folks living on our coasts. it would be a welcomed break.

Yesterday, received my proof pages for upcoming The Centrifugal Eye. It looks gorgeous. Eve Hanninen is a remarkable artist, poet and editor. She was one of the first editors (in my awareness) to use Issuu Viewer, the virtual magazine. TCE is also available in print copy too. The compliment of poetry and artwork found in TCE is thrilling. I've wanted broadsides of these pages. Hope some of you will check this out and send some of your work to Eve's fine journal.

I have a stack of editing to do, both my own work and work for hire. Need to do that this week, without distraction. I have been so distracted lately. Most likely writing in my head, which I do a lot of before actually sitting down to write. I have so much drive time that it's become part of my process. I have written many poems this summer, but few stories and essays. Something is percolating. It's always a good feeling to begin the semester with new work. We'll see what happens in the next three weeks.

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