Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Snippets

Here's a bit of distressing Palin commentary:


Palin's remarks are so off base. Well, you decide.

Went to see Julie & Julia last night. Overall I enjoyed the movie and would give it 4 stars. However, Julie's character arc is a bit off because viewers really don't "see" how she's a bitch. She really wasn't a bitch in my opinion. I didn't even find her narcissistic. With that said, it's a charming story. I thought Meryl Streep was wonderful-- actually all of the actors had great chemistry. Made me want Fall to come quick, so I could make a stew.

On the way home I thought of all the wonderful recipes I've gleaned from Blogville.
All you exceptional cooks.

Also, during the painfully long trailers (getting longer and longer and now include TV promo), two movies caught my attention: Amelia starring Hillary Swank (This looks like a great movie, one that has a "real" story-- fingers crossed that it's all that I hope it will be) and Lovely Bones based on Alice Sebold's novel.

In November, I will be leading a book discussion on Lovely Bones at Valley Manor. Valley Manor is an adult residence with varying degrees of assistance. The community
is smart, witty and charming. When I saw the Lovely Bones trailer, which seemed to follow the novel closely, I thought it would be great if the book club saw the movie too. I'll have to see if that would be possible. I guess that will depend on the DVD release.

Yesterday was a bit of a loss because of the muggy weather. The air is better today.
Company is coming today. It's going to get busy around here.

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