Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out of Touch

Spent last week in the company of teen writers. A creative writing workshop focusing on poems, fiction, nonfiction & monologues. Again, the week went by quickly. Fortunately, it wasn't stressful getting to this week's workshop, as it was in the last workshop. Somehow I hit the highways just right, arriving 15-20 minutes early all week. I swear my spine locks when I get uptight. Stuck in construction or rubber-necking- the-how-did-that-happen accident is just enough to put me over the edge. I have to remind myself to offer it up. Stuck is stuck, until it's unstuck. What can you do?

Many times I wish I had a jet pack. That would solve a lot of distance problems for me.
I start out so early, not to be late, (I live at the end of the "milky way" on "Ma's Cow" road), but sometimes the trip becomes a test of letting go. There are some things not in our control-- road construction is one of them. I think I'm talking about this because the Fall semester will be beginning in 3-4 weeks. What? I declared every day from now until then will be Saturdays!

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