Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It's overcast this morning and quite still. No wind. I've been puttering this weekend. Yesterday spent time weeding and clearing out gardens. Lilies of the Valley in bloom. These flowers remind me of my mother. Next, the herb garden. I looked into our small garden pond and saw at least five fish! So glad they survived the winter. Two calico fish, mostly white and orange, are quite large now. They were about two inches when we bought them last year. I think they're close to five-six inches long. The ferns I planted by the pond have survived too. The honeysuckle looks lovely-- a decent umbrella shade. I have a friend whose garden pool was discovered by herons. From their kitchen nook window, they watched(much to their horror) the herons dance and flap and guzzle down all of their goldfish.

When this happens, I wonder about bird/animal memory. Do birds/animals remember their good fortune? About three days ago now, a fox came and made off with two of our Barded Rock chickens. He/she went right into the hutch. We knew it was fox and not coyote because black and white feathers were scattered everywhere. The fox was plucking the feathers en route to his/her den. We're hoping that the fox won't be back. Now we have different fencing. The remaining hens were a bit traumatized and didn't lay any eggs until yesterday. We now have to worry about all of the new chicks and chickens. We have Cornish hens, which behave like dogs, eat and sleep. They are really big white birds, plump like sumo wrestlers. They're hanging with two leghorns, three Comets and three RI Reds and at least 24 baby sumo wrestlers. It's quite a scene.

Picnic today with my oldest and dearest friends. Please, no rain.

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