Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Briefcase: notes to you

Movie review:

Over the weekend, it may have been Saturday, I watched the movie Rachel Is Getting Married with my daughter Meghan. Anne Hathaway reveals herself as an actress. No wonder she received the Oscar nod for this performance. The movie is disturbing. Much like Ordinary People, does anyone remember that movie/book? The narrative is "crumb by crumb," so you have to pay attention to every detail/nuance in the movie. It's visually "raw"-- the cinematography looks like "real" time. From what I understand, the movie was shot in minimal takes. The ending is unsettling because I didn't know if it was Kym's(Hathaway) "choice" or not. The movie is about the consequence of choice. I felt the narrative was nonfiction. It's staying with me, in the way nonfiction gets under my skin. If you haven't seen this, you must rent it. I had wanted to see it when it was in the movie theaters, but it came and went in an eyeblink.

It's hard adjusting to the "free" time. I feel a bit aimless when I'm not being pushed by the clock.
The schedule was so hectic this semester. Constantly on the move. My worry or deep thought produced a deep furrow between my brows, which looks like I was hit in the head with a can of soup. It's literally a dent. I think it's starting to loosen up. I keep trying to rub it out. I think I scrunch up my brows when I'm thinking. It's quite a relief when you cross the semester's finish line.

Oh, jump up, my good friend has a built in stove for me. I can't believe it. A miracle!

This summer we're going to be sprucing up the farmhouse's interior. Time to paint. I like looking at the paint cards and picking out new colors. I actually like painting. My oldest son, ever since he was really young, let's say 7, has had painting "trim" skills. He can cut edge without a blotch or smudge. He was born with this skill. He's truly steady.

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