Monday, May 18, 2009

Whether versus weather

This was a strange weather weekend, in which all my plans depended on whether.

Took two of my grandchildren to see Rochester Children's Theatre performance of Beauty and the Beast RCT had moved the performance from the tent to the Gym on Nazareth College's campus. It was freezing in there. I'm still cold. A big crowd. The children enjoyed the show.

But the big thought of the day came from my granddaughter Brigid (7 years old):

B. I'm feeling weird.

MJ. You are? What do you mean?

B. I'm having a hard time understanding what it means to be human.

MJ. Me too! (She nodded her head and looked out the window) So what do you think about it?

My grandson at this moment wants to cut in the conversation, but I tell him to hold up and let B speak.

B. (still looking out the window) Well . . . it started when I was 3 or 4 years old. I was thinking about my skin. . .

Then my grandson Jack(nearly 9), who is probably going to be a doctor, began a lengthy explanation about skin and bones and blood; and, we all listened to him.

It's so hard getting words out and actually being heard, isn't it. B is an incredible visual artist.
Loves to read and think about things. I love being with her and J. J is an intellectual too. Constantly wrestling with ideas. He is sustained dialogue. We were planning on going out for a bite to eat afterward, but my son George told me to bring them home because J. had to go to Hockey practice. The children play a lot of sports. I think B was disappointed. Next time, we'll get to go out to eat. George had a beautiful meal ready when we returned to their house. The baby is so cute. Just love him. He's getting two lower teeth.

I think it was very quiet at their house yesterday. George was home with the oldest and the baby, and I had fun with the middle two. Looking forward to having them here over the summer. They like to work on the farm.

Last night went to hear my son Nick perform at Boulders comedy club. He did very well.
Meghan is going to an audition this afternoon. She's in good spirits. I live with actors and this house seems to be a situation comedy because things are always happening . . .It starts very early in the morning . . .

I went to the VOA on Saturday and bought a German "YOU ARE SPECIAL" plate. It was made in 1979 and it's my favorite color red-- true red. I have always wanted one of these plates. Since I was in my twenties-- actually the year it was made. But could never afford it. The plate was $50.00 back in the day. This plate has never been used. Still has the original papers. Sad. No one was special in the original owner's house. Or maybe the owner could not bear to use it because the occasion wasn't special enough. Fools. This plate is all about fun. This is what Picasso meant when he said," When I run out of blue, I'll use red." I have big plans for this plate.
I'm so excited and it cost 3.99, which my sister K would probably say was pricey, but I really wanted it. I'm so happy.

Our forty-year-old oven died. It's that goldenrod color appliance of the mid 60's. Peter and I have to go and look for new appliances. I'm sure what we buy won't last 40 years.

The adventures never stop. Stay tuned.

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