Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nearly Done . . .

Classes have completed at St John Fisher. Thursday was a whirlwind-- my last classes and final event Celebration of Words. Everything went well. Great crowd at Celebration of Words. I'm so glad that the semester is over. This week, grading, and then graduation, and then . . . a quieter life.

Friday was a glorious day here. So warm, and the lawns looked so green and inviting. Students starting to study outside. I hope they have nice weather for Senior Week. With the past two days of warm, balmy temps, the magnolias have popped. My favorite tree. So lovely. Seeing those luscious pink blossoms, some as big sugar bowls full of sunlight, just thrill me. It's better than Christmas lights; and let it be known, I really love looking at the lights during the holidays. It's funny, my children, when they were little used to really listen to me talk about the magnolias, and ever since those first conversations, they're on the look for them too.

One of my minimal stories was picked up by a new online journal called
Check it out. I'm under the story index. Maybe you have some flash fiction that is 250 words or less.

Looking for a summer reading list. Please send or post on your own blogs, top books. I can't wait to just have some book time of my own.

It's raining right now. I think I will spend some time writing this morning, and maybe some domestic maintenance; then go out for a bit. I want to see The Soloist. So far, the reviews have been strong. I like Robert Downey Jr.

I heard Susan Boyle sing and she made me cry. I hope she wins the talent contest.
What pipes.

Be well and enjoy your day of rest.

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