Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last week of classes . . .busy, busy, busy

At last, we're rounding the corner, the finish line in sight. All of my students are anxious for the semester to be done. I don't blame them, the weather has been so inviting. It's hard to concentrate when the sun is so bright.

Last week went well. Managed to go to Linda Allardt's and Kathleen Wakefield's poetry reading in The Genesee Reading Series at Writers & Books. So good to see & hear both of them.

At St. John Fisher, we launched the Art Show 2009 on Tuesday April 14 in Lavery Library. Over 100 students and faculty came to the opening. The artist talk session inspired my students who are in my 20thcc Literature & Art class. This core course has a project requirement, which has intimidated the majority. It's been terrible watching their discomfort for the past 4 weeks. Their faces look like they're trying to locate a bad smell. Most likely me, who assigned the project. Sometimes I think I'm teaching "Stone Soup," conning my students to put something in the pot. . . something we all can share. . . something to nourish us. . . . Why are they so afraid of being themselves? Why do they have to have only one answer? It's really annoying. It's hard being around "stick in the mud" attitude. They're so afraid of being foolish. HOWEVER, something wonderful happened at the Art Show and they were inspired.

Went to see Celebration of One Acts on Friday. Nine short plays, two of which were written by my students. So exciting to see their plays acted out. It was fun listening to the audience's spontaneous laughter. Must have made them (my students) feel like a million bucks. Both were grinning, ear to ear. The show was quite long. Over two hours. And the auditorium was really warm. The heating/cooling system at Fisher is always a bit wonkie when the seasons change.

Received Blueline, a literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks (SUNY Potsdam). My poem "Ladybugs live among us" appears in this issue, along with poems by Karla Linn Merrifield, Claudia Stanek, and Adam Wilcox to mention a few of my poet friends and neighbors.

That's all for now.

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