Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving On

Yesterday, on the way home, I was tuned into a live radio show that was featuring James Taylor. His daughter Sally Taylor was there accompanying him. They sang "Close Your Eyes" together. Their harmony made me think about the years when we'd listen to that song nearly every day. Her voice is a true combination of her parents-- the best of both of them. So this morning I thought I would look her up on the internet. She's so beautiful. A great smile, sparkling eyes. She's married and has a beautiful baby boy. He's two years old now. There's a video of family portraits with the baby. "Imagine" is the soundtrack. It's just gorgeous. So if you want to smile check it out. It's on her web site. She has a lot going on. She's a social activist, musician, and has a raw food mobile called Sally in the Raw.

I've started bicycling again. So much fun riding along the lake. Bright headstrong blue skies, trees hazy green, dandelions sprouting everywhere. Blankets spread out. picnics. Extreme frisbee with that exceptional dog that always out runs, out jumps, out wits everyone. A lot of laughter. The good weather just shook the cobwebs out of my head. A new perspective, or maybe just a new angle.

Peter has turned over the garden. Soon we will be planting. Hope this year's garden is as successful as last year's. Anxious to start. Anxious for fresh produce.

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