Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning, April 13, 2009

A Perfect Holiday.

My sister Karen made a beautiful brunch yesterday. It was so delicious! Must have told her at least 100 times. So happy she invited us over. We laughed a lot and took our time. It was a very colorful and peaceful meal. The lake was very rough. I sat looking out her front window, watching the white caps roll in. It hypnotizes me. The next two weeks are going to be absolutely wild. I dread this high gear, end of the semester whirlwind. I'm looking forward to the calmer pace. I know don't wish my life away, but. . .

Today, I set up an art show with my faculty and participating students. It should go along smoothly. So far, so good. The adage many hands makes light work is very true.

Nearly done with the VITAL residency too. Everything is rushing to its close. Like the waves.
Watched Sound of Music on Saturday alone and my daughter Meghan watched it yesterday. I listened to it from the other room. I think I know all the lines by heart.

So here I am standing at the brink, ready to fly . . . Hope everyone has a decent week. If you're in the same boat as I am, make sure you remember to breathe. I forget all the time and end up
dizzy and a bit flustered by it. Then I realize I'm not breathing properly.

Watching Waking Ned Devine in one of my classes today. It's such a terrific movie.

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