Friday, April 10, 2009

Do you know where your poems are?

Well, the April calendar has rolled into double digit days. I do not have ten new poems.
I could lie and tell you, writing these poems has been as easy as cracking an egg. Every time
I sit down to write, I whip up one fabulous poem after another-- souffle, strata, lemon cake, egg drop soup. So fluent, the poems are light as biscuits-- they float right out the window. I read them to family on the phone and they ooh and ahh and say they can't wait for more. Lies, I tell you-- all lies!!!

Read last night at Writers & Books. A warm crowd. Enjoyed listening to George Drew's poetry.
Glad to meet him. I sold a bunch of chapbooks. How exciting is that! Read quite a few new poems from this crazy challenge(who really thinks this poem a day is a good idea) and recently published work. Afterward, Peter and I went out to a little bistro in Village Gate. It was perfect.
We had a chance to talk about everything, without the listening ears and running commentary from our adult children. It's hard living in a democratic household. If you have younger children at home, enjoy it, because the older ones are really nosy and noisy.

I'm going to spend the weekend puttering . . . The end of the semester is just around the corner.
Amazing, just three weeks left.

Happy Easter!

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