Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seasons of Ups and Downs

Summer 2016, may be the summer of getting it done.

After a steady 36 day writing regime, I finished my No Name Novella, 86 pages, 25,000 words. After my comb through, it may expand a bit, more or less, we'll see what happens.

I began this novella, 2 years ago.  It languished at 12 pages. I decided that I needed to make this a priority this summer. (Amazing what happens when you make a plan!). I think it's a good story, and I can see how my years of editing other writers' work has informed this project.  I think I wanted to tackle the novella because it's a bit misunderstood as a narrative form, 60-120 pages. Once I figured out my novella's trajectory, I broke out of the gate--horse race with myself. I was so surprised to cross the finish line before the end of June.

I feel giddy about this, and I think when I was working in the garden, I came upon its title.
During this time, I didn't write anything but the novella.   Now that it's done, I've been wanting to work on something else.

Good thing I have this physical work that allows me to stir my imagination.
Next on my writing to do list is a play.

Currently, my fourth full length collection of poetry is scattered on the dining room table.  I have tried, without success, to come up with a strong sequence for these poems.  It's like wrestling with a 15 foot alligator that's swallowed a clock.   Funny thing, this work has a working title.  I have the cover, too. Nothing like cart before the horse.

Gardens are nearly in. Things are going well here on Red Rooster Farm.

Last night, I went to a reading that showcased 8 writers (Sonja Livingston, Alison Smith, Willa Carroll, Jack Garner, Joan Murray, Mira Jacob, Debra Dean, Lauren Acampora) in celebration of Writers & Books 35th anniversary.  It was held at the Lyric Theater at corner of East Avenue and Prince St. It was a lovely reading, that also celebrated Joe Flaherty, the founder and current executive director, who is retiring this month.  Tonight is a Gala for his retirement and last event for the 35th year anniversary.

Looking forward to this.

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