Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Red Rooster Farm Chronicle

Yesterday, in the garden, I was inches away from toad who watched me clear away the excess of weeds. The toad  stayed with me for four hours.  Finding shelter under what I left intact.  The wide leaves of the eggplant and flourishing marigolds.  The complimentary planting to keep away the tiny black beetles that turn the eggplant leaves into delicate lace. 

Today it's suppose to rain. I'm debating on what to do. Work inside or out?  Until it rains? The sun has suddenly broken through the overcast skies.

In the small pond that is surrounded by our herb garden, I have found a healthy group of leopard frogs living in and out the pond.  The goldfish that Peter bought for 39 cents each and slipped into the pond are getting big.  They gather in groups and stare down the frog perched on rock.  It goes on all day long.

I'm getting happier and happier.  I can feel my body changing with all the physical work I've been doing.Summer is moving quickly.  I look at my plant stained hands and wonder if I'm finally getting it right.  Something to be satisfied with. I have made friends with the Mennonite community.  Now we share recipes and thoughts on putting by foods.  They have a hard-working but gentle life, or so it seems to me.

Time to put up another batch of red raspberry jam.

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