Monday, July 13, 2015

Life on Red Rooster Farm, Summer 2015

Red Rooster Farm has kept me from posting regularly here.  I think I have been writing epics of the lost kind as I weed  in the gardens. I am just a hair ahead of weed disaster.  The weather has been close to perfect, although we did have some stormy weather in the last week of June where we were pelted with rain and it made the gardens float, but not drown, which is the good news.  However, this rain kept me from my daily work in between the rows in the North garden. It's amazing how resilient weeds are. I think we all should model our living after weeds. Just sprawl and take over-- everything.

I have been diligent in my domestic efforts, inside and outside, all of which is keeping me out of trouble. My thoughts are practicing the art of light.  The gardens are my pyramids and I'm building towards a substantial harvest .  The first days of canning have begun.  I made 4 batches of strawberry jam and am on my second batch of red raspberry.  The berries are superior this year and the jam has been setting up nicely.  There is something magical about jam-making.  I love the moment of the glossy sheen appearing in the bubble and pop as I stir the pot.  The perfume of fresh fruit fills the whole house.

Today promises to be a warm, humid day.  Possible pop up showers. I have begun to harvest zucchini. yellow squash, sweet peas, green and purple beans, all picked young and tender.  It's so hard to stay ahead of zucchini.  I swear they triple in size overnight.  Thus far, I have been plucking at just the right time.Everything is hiding under a canopy of green.  Healthy leaves of every size and shape.  It's deceiving.

At first, I thought nothing was ready, but when I took a closer look I hit the mother lode.  So far I have picked 6 quarts of red raspberries-- all  plump and perfect.  So I'm in the swing of this and love watching the jars line up on my dining room table.  I love this life, more than anything.  It's hard work, and for those of you who have romantic notions about growing one's own food and  believe that sustainability is a choice that's easy-peasy, you have it all wrong.It's a remarkable amount of work, and you have to love nature, not hate it  as you attempt to tame it.  It's hours upon hours of dedication, and believe me, everything is a miracle.
For me, it's the miracle of  finding upper body strength. I'm getting stronger and stronger. 

On the writing front, I have been working on my novella, with sides of poetry and an occasional lyric essay.
It's steady work.  I have been planning for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters, with exciting programming that will no doubt enhance life in and out of the classroom.  I love it when my students see the connections and want to discuss them in small  and large groups.

So, here it is Monday, July 13, and i have more work to do.  Will be back, soon.

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