Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is Orange. The Color of Laughter. Now.

October 1st. The whirlwind that was September ended quietly yesterday.  Able to accomplish a lot in one day, which seems to be my momentum for the past six weeks.  I have had a to-do list that has been  the measure of chin to wrist times 3 since mid-August.  Now my done list unfurls, day by day, and the semester settles into its rhythm.

This is the month I attempt 31 X 31, not jars of tomato sauce, but poems.  October is a magical month for me.  I like the subtle  and not-so-subtle changes. And so, I will embark on a challenge that will allow me to take advantage of the early morning darkness.  I awoke this morning around 3 a.m. and decided to spend some time on my writing's ghostly garden.   I took up one of my own writing prompts recently dispensed  in my creative writing classes, and was surprised by the results.  A keeper, I think.  Now 30 more days.  Here's to hitting the jackpot by 10/31/2013.

photo by K. Iuppa "Almost, Full Moon"

The week of the past full moon was challenging.  The energy set loose seemed to vibrate.   A lot of  lives influx.  Surreal incidents.  My sister Karen involved in a car crash with Walter.  Stopped on the side of the road on a hill, a car came over the rise too fast.  Another foot and both Karen and Walter would have been taken from this world.  Unsettling thought.  A shudder passes through me.   Both vehicles totaled.

Karen is a little beat up.  She rocked around like a milk bottle.  The seatbelt worked, but hurt her chest.
Like her daughter Lucy, I don't want Karen to duck out on me.  Everyone over last Monday night and the recounting of the accident.   We had a noisy meal.  The conversation went up and down in volume, and what could have been annoying opinions and maybe actually were the making of a petard and the bridge was about to blow, I was really listening.  Grateful that everyone's mouth was moving.

I'm thankful for my family.

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