Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer's time . . .

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How quickly sand passes through the hourglass. I wish, I wish, I wish  seems to be my mantra.  I need about 12 more hours in each day.  I need more energy.  This rainy weather has slowed our growing season.  Spent several hours yesterday weeding.  Glad to get in there. Carrots are looking good.  Growing tall  and lush, along with our lettuces and herbs.  Beans are jumping out of the ground.  Squash, which will feed two nations, has many flowers (they all come at once).Something attacked my eggplant, but the new center leaves look okay. We'll see.  Our replanting seems to be steady.  I can't believe how much rain we've had and it's muggy.  It feels tropical.  The god given tomatoes are growing fast.  Actually catching up to our first plantings.  We have tomatoes on the vines now and peppers too. Going to spend some time out there weeding today too. I just hope we have a decent harvest, especially for my sister's birthday in August.

While I was weeding yesterday afternoon.  I listened to the cries of red tail hawks.  They were soaring so high in the air. Our new chickens are laying gorgeous eggs: green-blue, pink, dark tan-brown, sand beige.Every day is Easter.  I love looking at them.  

Have been writing every day. Poems and essays. Some of the work is quirky. I have been tweaky my third volume of poetry and will be sending it out next week. It will feel good to have it out there, making its rounds.

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