Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm a Strawberry Samaritan

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Yesterday, I went berry picking. Spent 3.5 hours in the strawberry patch.  Picked 14 lbs.  Wore rain boots because I knew the rows would be soggy, and they were. I was up to my ankles in mud.  Sucked into place, lifting up leafy plants, trying to find strawberries that were still firm and not waterlogged. I was so scared that I was going to lose my balance and fall ker-plop.  Bigger fear of twisting my ankle or throwing my knees out. So proceeded with caution.
During my session, I had company on and off.  One family, with five young children, was there picking berries as fast as they could.  Mom and Dad were serious pickers.  Their children, unbeknownst to them, were serious eaters. They ate all the berries while the parents picked.  I know that the parents were dreaming of shortcake and fresh berries. They were determined to get the most juicy ones.  As the children ate, one after another, they complained: I'm bored.
When can we get ice cream?  I'm want to goooooo.  When the parents proclaimed: I think we have enough.  They didn't expect to see the empty baskets and all those smiling rosy red mouths.

Not missing a beat, the parents looked at each and said, Let's pick cherries, and off they went.

It's Official, Summer Canning 2013 has begun:

This morning I woke up early and began another 3 hour session of putting by strawberry jam.  Two batches and many jars later. They are lined up like a marching infantry on my kitchen table.  The most gorgeous shade of ruby. The jam is so delish! I have people who wait for their annual jar(s).  They won't be disappointed.  I'm going to go back for raspberries and sour cherries.  In spite of all  the rain we have been having, the fruit looks good.  So glad the sun was out yesterday and today.  No rain  in almost 2 days, but they say more is coming.  I'm hoping our garden is dry enough to do some weeding.  Things are looking okay out there. But the cornfields surrounding our farm are looking a little delayed and stressed.  We had to restart some plants, because the first plants (esp. cukes) disappeared (literally, they became strings and flew away).

Next week is July.  Are you ready?    Oh summer, please slow down. I want to enjoy every minute.

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