Friday, June 28, 2013

David Byrne & St. Vincent Concert. Rochester Jazz Festival 2013

On Tuesday, June 25th, we went to see David Byrne & St. Vincent (Annie Clark) in concert at the Rochester Jazz Festival.  Below is a You Tube clip of the song "Who" from their album Love This Giant. (I'm just sharing this).

We were in the uppermost balcony of Eastman's Kodak Hall, which I call  the postage stamp seats. No sweat. I think these may be some of the best seats in the house. This concert was big sound.  I  truly love brass instruments.   The choreography of light and dance and sound, featuring everyone on stage, made the songs electric.  There was another song, that I instantly fell in love with called "I am an Ape"  but I called it Christmas Day in my conversation with Peter on the way home. I was fascinated by the lyrics. And, I found the lyrics online, which gave me the opportunity to sit with the words.

A lot of concert goers came late to this show.   A 20-something couple settled  directly in front of us, for one talking head song; then left for a couple songs, and came back again. Taking photos on Ipad.  Getting told not to take photos. So interested in each other (they couldn't keep their hands off of each other; kisses that melted like butterscotch. They literally fused) and  I kept on trying to be "Zen" about the space, meaning I could get my privacy in this public forum ( God knows they were).  I tried to keep my eyes, up and over them, but things really heated up in the encore "Burning Down the House." 

Another side note.  While watching the show, I thought of the play Shock-Headed Peter.  There was something about the band's choreography that made me think of that play I saw in NYC  in 2004.

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