Monday, April 1, 2013

It's snowing poems! Hallelujah! National Poetry Month 2013

Thirty Days of Poetry!  Hard to believe that April is here and another poetry month begins. Last night, early morning April 1st, a thunderstorm commenced.  Quite a sound and light show and this morning it snows.

Once again, I will make the commitment to write a poem a day.  Once again, we'll see how far I get in such plans.

Here's an exercise:

I have been thinking about how ever action in writing is intentional action; even though in daily living, action is mostly random.  The door creaks.  The phone rings.  The fork slips off the plate.

Write a poem that is about "action."  To begin, write down six actions.  Then write down six things you did yesterday.  Followed by six things you want to do sooner or later.  This may be a lyric, lyric-narrative, or narrative poem.

Ready, set, go~

Have been thinking about the upcoming planting season.  This month the swallows and hummingbirds return.
In a month and a bit, the Spring semester will be over.  In a week, I will be doing several readings.
My prose chapbook Between Worlds will be released this month.  With every stack of papers corrected, there is another stack.   I'm climbing a paper mountain.  Soon, I will stick a flag in it.

Remember to keep a poem in your pocket.

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