Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2nd. Day Two of Poetry Month. Wild Weather.

Dear All,

Yesterday's weather was so wild.  The air so cold and windy.  Two-fisted.  It could steal your breath away.

Are you  thinking about writing another poem?   Here's an impromptu prompt:

Exercise: Day 2

Write a list of your first experiences, from riding a bike to eating a stuffed olive.  Write the list quickly, without
censorship.  Then pick the first that has the story beneath its story.  How does that first influence you now.
Comfortable or uncomfortable?  A bit of both.   What about now?  What are your current firsts?

Then, match this with lasts.   Make the last list. (repeat the directions above).

Write the poem using both firsts and lasts or individual poem(s) of either firsts or lasts.

Ready, set, go~

Of course, I'm feeling smug.  Have a fistful of new poems.  Decided to do the running start on this challenge and was feeling in the zone yesterday. (Must have been the weather).  We'll see if I make the full commitment.   Perhaps with my great luck, I will, because I have begun a poetry project with a colleague and friend.  This all came out of the blue and, as my friend says, I have myself to blame.


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