Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring, Ahead

March, one-two, one -two, hep, hep, hep.

March is my busiest month, every year.  Just finished typing up the anthology for the Byron-Bergen Write It!
residency.  Can't wait to celebrate these amazing young writers, who are truly talented and have wonderful  sense of humors, and are so kind and considerate.  I'm so proud of them. What a pleasure it is to work with these students. Some of the work took my breath away.

Have been(once again) trying to write every day.  January accomplished 25 days.  February, 15 days.  March, on schedule, at 10.

I too didn't go to AWP.  Perhaps, next year.  Have been in touch with my MFA cohorts ( some I have lost touch with, but re-connected on Linked In) and will move forward on plans to go to Seattle in 2014.
Can't wait to see everyone again.  It's been too, too long.

Recently purchased a new laptop and have migrated all the files from old computer to new.  I have been working steadily (past two weeks) on learning the new-to- me writing program, which has many bells and whistles. Things are falling into place without much fuss.  I'm grateful for small miracles, because we all know that this could have been a king size disaster. I'm feeling very modern.

What's coming up?  Another week where my feet hit the ground running-- go,go,go.  

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