Friday, March 22, 2013

MARCH 22 2013 Dear Josephine, it's snowing again

This is my mother: Josephine D'Andrea Iuppa

My family has been exchanging found photographs of family members who are no longer with us.

Seeing the pictures has sparked  all sorts of stories from my sisters, my children, my nieces, my cousins.  We are connected in so many ways.  I miss my mom.I can just hear her voice tinged with despair, if she were to look out my window and see the snow falling  like tiny arrows to the ground. She would be so fed up with  this sputtering weather. That's just about enough, she'd say, enough. 

Next week is a short week because of Easter.  The students have just returned from Spring break and in a couple of days, they will be off again.  It's been a rocky reset of classroom rhythm.  Only 5 more weeks of school. Is that possible?

This past week has had its riches in events.  Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz came to St. John Fisher and presented his multimedia lecture on his work in the Arctic.  He has a gorgeous book called  Into the Arctic, which is the companion still photography of  the IMAX film Into the Arctic.  Schulz is passionate about his work as a wildlife photographer and as an advocate for protecting our natural world.  I was struck by his lecture, the way he wove his personal story into his life work.  The audience  hung on every word.  Braided River co-sponsored his visit to St. John Fisher College and Honeoye Falls-Lima Schools.   Check out his book Into the Arctic  and look for the Imax Film.

Award-winning poet and visual artist Gray Jacobik read at St. John Fisher on 3/21/2013.  She read from her collection: Brave Disguises and a sequence of dramatic monologues that capture the voice of Eleanor Roosevelt.  Gray is gracious, witty, honest, connected to the resilience of the human spirit.  I can't tell you how many times her poems affected me.  She was so wonderful, engaging my creative writing students in her class visit. The session seemed to fly by in an eyeblink.  We were so fortunate to have her read in the Father John Cavanaugh Reading Series.

Today is a day of meetings.  Hopefully I will get everything done so I can go to The Memorial Art Gallery to see the Art Reflected and Out of the Vault shows.  If not today, definitely this weekend.

Is everyone gearing up for Poetry Month? 


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