Sunday, January 6, 2013

Next Steps . . .

Warner's Steps
Photo: K. Iuppa

In San Francisco, it rarely snows. The seasons change in subtle ways.  It can be cold in San Francisco, which always throws me, because the landscape has palm trees.

I love this photograph. It captures how I'm feeling. What are the next steps for this new  year to be unlike any other?

I don't want to have "menu" conversations anymore.  A "menu" conversation is a top ten list of things to talk about, which may or may not be things YOU want to talk about. I'm tired of the repeat "menu." Time to change the menu.  I think I'm starting to realize (at this late date) that the repeat conversation menu works well  if the conversationalist's intention is to wear people down with the grind of complaints, but the conversationalist has no intention to work on those complaints.  If the insults were fixed, then there would be nothing to complain about.  Resolution 1: Make it New. 

 No sympathy.  Time to trim dead wood. Winter is a good time to do this.  Getting rid of the branches that have burgeoned out of control or  grown stringy, or blighted in the past year.  I'm using a tree metaphor here, but apply it to everything-- from clutter to toxic people.  Get rid of it/them.  Allow the winter's dormancy
to heal  head, heart, spirit. Emerge from the solitude with a new way of seeing-- a sense of wonder.

Resolution 2: Make it So.

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