Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New York, New York!

Photo collage by Lou Iuppa, 2013

Can you feel the energy of the city. . . Background lyrics of Alicia Keyes ( I Heart Her) "New York,"
a theme song if you're living there . . . and here what is the theme song for upstate NY . . .

We had a thunderstorm over the weekend.  Authentic thunder and lightning rolling in, over the lake, for
several hours.  The downpour aided in melting the drifts of snow.  Now creeks swell, cornfields have furrows of brackish water, gray skies are in a mad rush , full of rumpus . . .There's an adage that proclaims a thunderstorm in January  means the end of winter.  Last year, at this time of the first thaw, we had a thunderstorm, and after that storm, winter was nonexistent. Will it happen two years in a row?

The semester has begun and I have been in the thick of planning events for my program and assisting other programs and departments with their events too.  We're going to have a rockin' semester at St. John Fisher.
I'm so excited about it.

In the mail, seed catalogs are arriving in pairs.  I get dreamy looking at all the veggies, imagining what our upcoming garden will look like. We have been enjoying the tomato sauce I put by.  Opening the jars and
smelling the fresh tomatoes and basil and garlic, all at once, transports us back to August. O so good!

I have been diligent, writing a poem a day, then moving on to prose work.  The early office seems to be my best practice . . .  I feel energized and ready to take on the other work I'm doing. 

I have received 13 acceptances (poems, flash fiction, essays) since December 17th, 2012.  Some were received after 100 days, some in a fortnight, and those rare responses in a few hours. I'm so grateful to the editors at Heron Tree, The Prose Poem Project,  The Apeiron Review, The Eunoia Review, Germ, Brevity Poetry Review, Blueline, Curio, About Place Journal,The Great Lake Book Project, The Centrifugal Eye Anthology, Yes, Poetry, who have given my work ascent.

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