Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Report

Spent a good portion of this morning revising and submitting work. Out into the world, it goes~
quicker than an eye blink. Every once in a while I'm hit by an attack of linked coughs-- it's scary because I can't seem to get a hold of my breath. Hope this ends soon. Thankfully this cold and cough and fever didn't manifest last week when I was doing so many readings, but no doubt being around small children (residency-- I think it's the hand railings. I do hold onto them while I'm climbing up and down stairs, because I'm afraid of missing a step. I don't want to fall like woody woodpecker-- nose straight onto the floor) contributed to my rusty voice. I sound like a mix of Minne Mouse and Brenda Vaccaro.

Plan on going for another walk today, and will resume grading papers in a bit.

I like these quiet weekends.

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