Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo: K. Iuppa

Yesterday, my sister Karen and I took separate New Year's walks. Both of us had the same feeling that drivers speeding
down the road were coming straight for us.

Nevertheless we were both attempting to start the year in observation.

My walk was five miles of spying on the neighborhood. It took me 55 minutes, up and back.

Karen and I live about 25 minutes from each other. She's right on Lake Ontario and my farm is very close to the lake, a crow's distance.

I was surprised to see so many houses for sale. It was a mild afternoon, but it did start sputtering rain. There is a home (bursting at the seams with children-- at least eight, maybe more) on my street that adverts bible verse and leaning against the house was a fallen sign: Happy Birthday Jesus. So many yards are muddy. Next time I'm going to take a plastic bag and pick up the tossed cans. When I was a little girl, we (gang of dead end kids) used to pick up bottles tossed out of car windows and turn them in to the small grocery store for penny candy.
We had a sack of candy that would last the whole day long. Who knew we were so environmental back then. Opportunity is everywhere.

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